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Alraafa Medical company

Established in 2014, and been in the medical field since 2003.

The company line of business in wholesale, distribution of prescription drugs and proprietary drugs.

Alraafa Medical company specializes in marketing and distribution of branded and generics pharmaceuticals, food supplements, OTC, medical devices and medical products.

We are a young and aggressive company dedicated to becoming a marketing leader in the implementation of the latest technologies and treatments.

Our vision

Our aim is to ultimately become market leaders by providing the best medical service in Libya, and the number one company, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and physicians.
We intend to do so by combining all customer needs with effective prices.
And our vision to be a fast growing, innovative enterprise meeting consumer and customer needs with a broad range of branded products while adhering to world class standards in high quality, low cost and quick response.


Alraafa medical company specialized in distributions and marketing all of branded and generics pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medical products to all pharmacies, Pharmacies, hospitals and clinics all over Libya. We import internationally from different countries like Spain, Italy, Malta and Romania and England. We import all high standers prescription drugs, branded OTC, surgical equipment, generic drugs, food supplements, medical supplies, health care products and mother & child care to support the Libyan market.

Our mission

Alraafa medical company mission is to improve patient’s lives by providing them with all the needed median. Expert knowledge is our core competitive advantage, we maintain strong professional relations with local customers including all the major health care organizations, like pharmacies, public and private hospitals and even international organizations all over Libya. And we are also creating a brand offering the delivery of freedom and empower people to live and feel better.

Expanding and reaching the goal

To expand and reach the goal Alraafa medical company is going internal and external to achieve all the target a expand the rate each year. One of the important points that made us move forward is working internally as a team, we plan, operate, train, support and share the visions all the employees together to achieve more. In the external we work on a big marketing network in all over Libya to reach every place. And we have more than 20 cars with sales distributors all over Libya cities like Misurata, Zwara, Zawia, Sebha, Ghrian, Sirt and Benghazi to reach all our clients and provide them with all what’s needed.