Scientific day

A scientific day held by Al-Raafa Medical Company to highlight metabolic syndrome #Metabolic_Syndrome and the dangers of obesity on humans with the active participation of a diabetes and obesity specialist Dr. Abdel Qader Al-Masry and Dr. Nizar Abdel Hafeez a therapeutic nutrition specialist and in the presence of a group of doctors of diabetes, nutrition and obesity, women and childbirth as well as In the presence of the Italian export manager Zucari, Mr. Lorenzo Puccini and CEO of Al-Raafa’a Medical Company.
Also known as the patented #Slim_Metabol supplement in the treatment of Metabolic syndrome and other products of the Italian company Zuccari.
All thanks and appreciation to the attendees and everyone who contributed to the success of this day.

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Assraaj Alsharkya – Tripoli, Libya
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Assraaj Alsharkya–Tripoli,Libya
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